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Octopus Ambush

Check out this neat video, a diver gets ambushed and has his camera stolen by a curious octopus!  

Check out our new fish!

In our last fish order we acquired several beautiful fish! Have a look!

Underwater Puppy

Check out this cool video of a diver and his eel!

Happy New year!

It’s a New Year, so what about a New Aquarium? What makes January one of our busiest months of the year?  To be honest, we really don’t know.  Whether it’s the “Winter Hobby” season kicking in here in Southwest Montana, or the realization of New Year’s resolutions, January is a.

Pet Stores Boulder: Where To Find The Best Saltwater Fish

A pet is one of the best gift you can give to anyone or to yourself.  Pets don’t just keep you company and amused, they are able to reveal your tender and loving side. The first step in finding a pet is to visit your local pet store.  Just be.

Holiday Sale!

Check out our great holiday deals!

LED Lighting…What’s it all about?

What Is LED Lighting? LED lighting is definitely the next generation technology that doesn’t only benefit the home owners that uses  it most especially business owners that are utilizing it. LED lighting offers such benefits as a higher energy efficiency than CFLs and fluorescents, lower power consumption, lower maintenance costs,.

Saltwater Aquarium Setup Common Mistakes

Saltwater Aquarium Setup At Home Mistakes   No matter what type of aquarium hobbyist you are, here are the most common mistakes you can commit when doing a saltwater aquarium setup at home. These mistakes can be prevented if you have enough working knowledge about it. Over feeding Unconsumed fish.

Why Own An Aquarium?
Why Own An Aquarium?

Why Own An Aquarium? The tranquil sounds of flowing water, graceful swaying plants and the gentle movement of fish create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Crystal Clear Aquariums can provide you with a fascinating experience by bringing the underwater world into your home or office. The calm, welcome distraction.

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