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Crystal Clear Aquariums is Montana’s leading source for all of your aquarium needs, specializing in custom aquarium design, leasing, installation and maintenance services. We offer a wide variety of aquariums to fit any decor for your home or office. Our store and staff has everything you need and the expertise to help bring the beauty of the ocean to you. You can choose from our vast selection of fish, coral, invertebrates and other unique and exotic animals to make your tank just right for you. We have gift certificates that make great gifts! We are excited about your interest and look forward to helping you set up your new aquarium no matter what size!


Full-Service Leases Now Available

Crystal Clear Aquariums makes it easy to enjoy the beauty of a living coral reef. Our unique leasing plan covers all equipment, maintenance, even animals! With our team of expert service technicians, and our 100% replacement guarantee, you can enjoy your coral reef without worry.

Leases are available for almost any size aquarium. Call us today, and we can show you how easy it can be to enjoy your own piece of a coral reef ecosystem.

Why Own an Aquarium?

The tranquil sound of flowing water and the graceful beauty of schooling fish combined with the peaceful swaying ocean corals create an atmosphere of harmony. The beauty and elegance of an aquarium enhances any environment. Adding an aquarium to your home or office will reduce stress and boost morale.

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