Aquarium Choices

When starting an aquarium you have a variety of choices. Salt or fresh? Large or small? The options are far-ranging, but Crystal Clear Aquariums’ expert staff can answer your questions and help you get the perfect aquarium for your home or office.

The first step is figuring out what kind of tank you want. Both freshwater and saltwater are nice additions to any room, but it is up to you to decide which you prefer. Freshwater is easy to set up and there are many colorful, inexpensive fish that can be housed in a freshwater aquarium, large or small. Today’s saltwater aquariums are easy to set up and maintain, and there are few things more beautiful and relaxing than a saltwater reef aquarium.

Tanks come in every shape and size from small desktop aquariums less than ten gallons to massive 1,000 gallon tanks built into your wall. Ultimately, what kind of tank you get is dependent on your long-term goals in the hobby. The most popular shapes for tanks are rectangular and bow-front.  There’s also a variety of uniquely shaped tanks, from hexagons to semi-circles; the final choice is primarily based on your aesthetics, as well as the type of fish you’ll be keeping.

Some of the most popular tanks are “all in one” tanks, or tanks that have a built-in filtration, lights, heaters and pumps. Red Sea MAX tanks are some of the most popular of these types of tanks. These aquariums come with everything in one box, and are very easy to set up and maintain. Your desired level of participation in the installation and maintenance of your aquarium will influence your tank choice; do you want an under-tank sump with an overflow-style aquarium, or would you prefer an all-in-one system?

Remember that the more (and larger) fish you have, the bigger tank you will need. Both saltwater and freshwater fish can get quite large, and it’s important not to stress them by keeping them in a tank that’s too small.  Also, compatibility between fish species must be considered; some larger fish may get along “too well” with your smaller prized pets.

When choosing your aquarium, make a few choices beforehand – saltwater or freshwater, reef or fish-only, community or single-species – then come visit us or call Crystal Clear Aquariums, and let our experts guide you toward an investment you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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