Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Maintenance: We make owning an aquarium easy with hassle free services & frequent upkeep.

Service Locations

We offer Installation, delivery and maintenance service in the following locations:

Bozeman, Montana, Billings, Montana, Helena, Montana, Kalispell, Montana, Missoula, Montana, Great Falls, Montana, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Call 406-585-1151 to inquire about services in other areas of Montana or locations near those we regularly serve (listed above).

Our maintenance service is professional, detailed and thorough. We will provide:

  • Regular water changes to keep the aquarium clean.
  • Automatic feeders to keep fish healthy and fed—no need to worry about turning off the lights with our automatic light timers.
  • Regular water tests to maintain optimal living conditions for the fish.
  • Equipment maintenance to keep all components of the aquarium functioning at peak performance.
  • Emergency services if equipment malfunctions or if fish begin to show signs of stress.

Aquarium Maintenance Service Options

  • One Time Visit: No contract, no obligation. This is perfect for the busy hobbyist, a quick cleaning right before a party, or when you’re on vacation. Also, makes a GREAT gift!
  • Contract: With our contracted aquarium maintenance service we provide guaranteed, scheduled, professional service twice a month. With the aquarium maintenance contract comes a lower price per visit than the one-time service. Prices are subject to change on a 12 month cycle… however prices do tend to be fairly consistent. The standard Contract term is between 12 and 48 months with options to terminate or change service plan as needed.

    For our customers using our all-inclusive maintenance plans, we have a FULL REPLACEMENT Livestock Guarantee (subject to certain terms and conditions). This guarantee is valid as long as Crystal Clear Aquariums maintains the aquarium, supplies all of the sea life and when supplementation and feeding are performed as directed by the maintenance technician.

  • Aquarium Moving: We’ll move your aquarium across the room or across town!
    Service Includes:

    • Safe removal, transport, and acclimation of livestock (no guarantees on livestock survival)
    • Breakdown of tank and equipment
    • Set up tank and re-install equipment in new location
    • External cleaning
    • Collection and transport of original water – percent to be determined by technician (keeps tank bacterially sound, reduces stress on livestock)