Custom Aquariums

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Enjoy a Living Piece of Art

Custom Aquariums
A saltwater aquarium is a living piece of art. The gentle movement of the fish, the calming affects of the water and the brightly colored coral serve to relieve stress and create a peaceful, calm atmosphere that benefits everyone.

Our masterfully designed saltwater aquariums will bring peace and enjoyment to your home, office or place of business. If you would like to experience the vibrant beauty that comes with owning a saltwater aquarium.
Custom Reef Aquarium
We can design any size or shape aquarium and install in a location of your choosing.  Your imagination is the limit on the salt water aquarium custom designed for your home or business.

We offer flexible aquarium leasing, purchase and finance options for all of our custom aquariums.  Call us today to find out more!

Check out some of our custom aquarium prices:

  • Custom Rectangular Aquariums
    A custom aquarium can be made to fit exactly into a given space in your home or office. Whether that is between architectural features like doors, windows, or columns, or into an exact space like then end of a hallway or a remodeled pantry or fireplace. Whatever your size and needs, Crystal Clear Aquariums can get the tank you need to fit your space perfectly!
  • Rimless Rectangular Custom Aquariums
    A rimless aquarium provides a certain elegance that can be lost in a tank with plastic, wood, or metal framing around edges. These fish tanks let you feel more in touch with the animals and plants in the tank by removing that opaque barrier at the top edge of the glass. A rimless custom aquarium from Crystal Clear Aquariums fits in beautifully with modern decor and styling in your home or office.
  • Custom Rectangular Aquarium Stands
    A custom aquarium stand is a must of any custom aquarium. At Crystal Clear Aquariums we have the options to make a custom stand to match any decor.
  • Custom Rectangular Aquarium Canopies
    Complete the look of your custom aquarium with a custom aquarium canopy to match your custom aquarium stand.

Custom Home Aquarium

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