Leasing Options

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Commercial Lease & Service Plan

The Lease and Service Plan for a JBJ Nano Cube or Red Sea Max includes:

• Two (2) visits per month with partial water changes
• Delivery of Saltwater and RO/DI freshwater for Evaporation
• Test water for Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, PH, Calcium, Alk, Temp, Salinity and Phosphate
• Check and adjust salinity
• Clean substrate and filtration unit
• Check Lights and timers for accuracy and replace bulbs as needed
• Add range of needed supplements
• Clean and adjust protein skimmer
• Clean and polish hardware (inside lighting fixtures, exterior of filters, etc.)
• Replenish depleted essential elements (We provide all the products)
• Algae removal – wipe the inside of the aquarium
• Polish exterior of aquarium
• Deliver and placement of plants, fish, coral and invertebrates

 Delivery and Complete Set-Up

• Delivery and proper placement of aquarium, stand, and equipment ensuring aquarium is level

• Setup and Build Live Rock Reef Structure

• Fill system with RO/DI water (Mixed with marine salt if necessary)

• Acclimate appropriate fish, coral and invertebrates.

Products Provided

• Saltwater test kit
• Hydrometer
• Mag-Float aquarium magnet
• Pump & heater for saltwater mixing unit
• Mixed Blend of Coral, Fish & Invertebrates (Complete Reef Cleaning Crew)
• Seaweeds (Macro Algae)
• Décor
• Mixed blend of frozen food for proper nutrition
• Water Changes
• Saltwater
• All Additives

 Lease a new saltwater aquarium, starting at $199 per month, with two maintenance visits per month included!

Call us for more information  406-585-1151 or send e-mail to info@ccaqua.com