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Nano tanks are small aquarium setups that are great for small reef tanks. They are “all in one” tanks that come complete with lighting and stands. The most popular Nano tanks are JBJ Nano Cubes and Ecoxotic Desktop Aquariums.

Ecoxotic Ecopico Reef Tank

Limited on space or just need a piece-of-the-reef on your desk at work. The EcoPico Reef’s surprisingly simple and elegant design will complement any decor. No plastic frame, no bulky filter and no rain gutter shaped light. Redesigned down to the essential elements, this rimless aquarium system will turn your reef aquascape into a piece of art. The EcoPico Reef aquarium system includes 6mm glass rimless aquarium, discreet internal filter with pump, beveled glass top with mounting clips, LED lighting arm with 3-12K white/blue LED Strips, 3-way splitter and step-by-step instructions.


JBJ Nano Cube

The self contained JBJ Nano Cube offers the easiest solution for the hobbyist that demands high-tech performance in a miniature environment for their aquarium fish and corals. The elegant JBJ nano cube offers panoramic viewing with smooth rounded glass corners with the necessary filtration , lighting , and circulation for a thriving mini-reef or freshwater aquarium.

– Built-In 3 stage wet dry filtration system on the JBJ nano cubes.

-Nanocube come with Built-In Dual Cooling Fans depending on the model.

-Submersible Pump Includes a pump for water circulation.

-Jbj Nano cube comes Complete with a true Watt Power Compact Lighting System on the jbj nanocube.

-The JBJ nanocube Flip Top Aquarium Canopy can be flipped back and held in place for easy access for tank cleaning and feeding.

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