New Fish!

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Dragon Wrasse

We recently acquired this beautiful specimen and it has been attracting a lot of attention.  It requires to a large tank (at least 125 gallons) since this fish grows 12 inches.  It is not compatible with a reef aquarium, and would do well in a space with other large and aggressive fish, and only one per tank.  A mature adult eats crustaceans, shrimp, snails, starfish, worms, small fish, and will also move corals and rocks around the aquarium.  It is no wonder why the Dragon Wrasse is also called the Rockmover Wrasse.

Ocellaris Clown

Everybody who has seen Finding Nemo, loves the Ocellaris Clownfish.  This popular species is peaceful, easy to care for, and reef compatible.  They are happy in either bigger or smaller tanks, (20 gallons).  This species breeds readily in captivity and we especially recommend this fish if you are a novice to fishkeeping.


Majestic Angel

Here at Crystal Clear Aquariums, we have decided that our Majestic Angel is one of the most beautiful fish we have in the shop.  This angel requires a large tank, at least 180 gallons, and will grow to be a massive 12 inches.  The blues, blacks, whites, and yellows, expressed in this fish pop against any background and are a real eye-catcher, no matter what is in your tank.  This fish is not recommended for the beginner and it is not reef compatible.  If you visit our store, be sure to take a moment and stop by our Majestic Angel tank.


Common Cleaner Wrasse

Contrary to its name, there is nothing common-looking about this wrasse.  The Cleaner Wrasse requires a minimum of a 70 gallon tank and it is peaceful toward other fish.  It is reef compatible and grows to 5 ½ inches.  This fish is only for the expert and would inject a bit of energy into a large tank.


Bicolor Dottyback

Do you want a bright purple fish?  How about a bright yellow fish?  Why not both?  The Bicolor Dottyback has two distinct colors: electric purple toward the front and a bright yellow at the back.  They require at least a 30 gallon aquarium, are reef compatible, and easy to care for.  They can be semi-aggressive and territorial, even toward larger fish, and one should stay away from ornamental shrimp and bristleworms since the Bicolor Dottyback might make a snack out of them.


Whitecheek Tang

This semi-aggressive tang is reef tank compatible and grows to be 8 inches.  Unfortunately, this tang is aggressive with other tangs, but peaceful toward most fish.  The Whitecheek Tang is a striking addition to any aquarium and would make a beautiful centerpiece to your tank.


Midnight Angel


This angel is entirely black and should be kept in at least a 70 gallon tank with lots of hiding places.  Given its skittish nature, it should be the only dwarf angel in the tank and may pick at some of your soft corals and zooanthids.  It grows to be 4 inches and this beautiful fish is in a class of its own among angels.



Sexy Shrimp


This shrimp is small enough to fit in any aquarium and grows to a mere 1 ½ inches.  It is easy to care for, reef compatible, and gets along with other species in the tank.




This peaceful shrimp is reef compatible and expresses white, blue, and tan colors.  If you have starfish in your tank, BEWARE.  Harlequin Shrimp east starfish (Asterias rubens for adults, and Linckia for juveniles). The adults may also eat sea urchins.  It’s best to keep these shrimp in mating pairs with moderate lighting.


Porcelain Anemone Crab


The Porcelain Anemone Crab is peaceful, reef safe, invertebrate, and has two large claws to fend off enemies.  It prefers the sanctuary of an anemone, as its namesake suggests, but since Clownfish are also fond of anemones, the Porcelain Crab may defend its territory, and perish in the process.




We have some of the most beautiful frogspawn you’ve ever seen, sitting in our coral display.  Come in and take a look for yourself, and pick up a frag or two.


Candy Cane

These corals are ready for purchase, right before the holiday.  Keep your tank festive with the addition of a beautiful Candy Cane coral.


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