New Fish have Arrived!

A. Bicinctus, 2-Banded Clownfish

New Fish have Arrived!

Tank-bred clownfish, unique, docile, and beautiful!  See our latest SA clownfish:

SA Onyx Percula
SA Ocellaris Nano
SA Ocellaris Transformed Black
SA Clarkii
SA Bicinctus (2-Banded, pictured above)

We also received these tank-raised fish:

Valentini Puffer
Scooter Blenny (big and healthy)
Strawberry Dottyback (Sold)


Don’t worry, we didn’t forget our freshwater friends.  Check out these new arrivals:

Neon Tetras
Dinosaur Palmas Eel (Senegalese Bichir)
Fancy Male Guppies
Dragon Goby (dragon fish)

We also received some absolutely beautiful plants:

Amazon Sword Plant (10″+)
Dwarf Hairgrass
Baby Tears
Moss Balls
Bronze Wendtii

Mosses and ferns coming Sunday!

Finally, we also have a new batch of feeders, both Rosy Reds and Guppies.

View some of our new fish in our New Arrivals Gallery.

Come see our selection at the store.

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