Sicce Shark ADV. 800 Internal Filter 211 GPH



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The SHARK ADV is an exclusively designed internal filter with a patented magnetic quick uncoupling system (MCS System). The modular design allows the possibility of adding one or more filtering compartments to increase the filtration capacity.

Key Features

  • Submersible
  • Transparent mechanical filter body for easier control of clogging level ( 320 cm3)
  • Equipped with a Venturi system for improved oxygenation
  • Adjustable intake diameter to protect small fishes going through the inlet.
  • Filtering volume of 320 cm3 +211 cm³ modular cartridge for extra filtration ( chemical, biological)
  • Optional: Different filter media can be used for specific water treatments.Reccomended: Bioker – Zerophos – BioTrix-Hyperzeo-Hypercarbo fast-Zeocarbo Mix
  • FLUID REACTOR: SHARK ADV 800 can be transformedin a sump Fluid Reactor by simple adjustments.


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