Saltwater Aquarium Care


Saltwater Aquarium Care: Know The Basics For Healthy Saltwater Fish

There are few pets that offer the tranquility and beauty as saltwater fish, but saltwater aquarium care requires much more attention and treatment than their freshwater cousins. These oceanic wonders and live rock can be transported into your home to re-create the community of a coral reef so long as you observe the basic necessities of fish health. This guide contains the instructions needed to set up a basic reef aquarium that any pet owner, novice or veteran, can care for.

Saltwater Aquarium Care: Use Marine Fish That Are Easy To Care For

Just like you would start out raising freshwater fish with goldfish and guppies, there are several species of marine fish that are easy for beginners to get accustomed to. Reef chromis are reef aquarium species that are hardy and can feed on several different types of food. These fish usually only cost around five dollars. Gobies come in a number of sharp colors and are peaceful fish that can live in a tank as small as ten gallons. If you want a larger marine fish, tangs are some of the most beautiful additions to a tank but can require a bit more care.

More Advanced Saltwater Aquarium Care

Some marine fish are community animals that have families in the live rock of a reef aquarium. Clownfish are one of the most popular types, as they are immune to the stinging anemones that are excellent tank additions. Puffers are another fun type of marine fish as they will inflate when they sense danger. Do not put them with bigger fish or chase them with a net, because puffers tire out easy.

For the veteran tank owners, the most beautiful and intricate reef aquarium species of all are the larger breeds. This includes the predatory eels, who live within the live rock and may only appear when a passing snack comes their way. Rays need a bigger tank (over one hundred gallons) but glide along on the bottom in enrapturing patterns. Small sharks, such as cat and epaullette sharks, are the jewels of any collection, though the community-friendly sharks will only eat carrion rather than snagging live bait. These bigger species need to eat true fish rather than flakes or vegetable matter, so keep breeding species handy for feeding them. Knowing the right species to include in the tank are one of the most important saltwater aquarium care guidelines to consider.

Cleaning a reef aquarium (as well as the live rock within it) is doubtless the most difficult part of keeping your fish happy and healthy. You cannot just scrub away algae like you could in a freshwater tank but must replace filters constantly and switch out a fraction of the water daily. Any saltwater aquarium care guide suggests an automatic cleaner, but this is still no substitute for routine maintenance. If your saltwater fish are not hardy species, they can be very susceptible to changes and may perish if conditions are not optimal. No body wants their favorite fish to die, so staying up on your saltwater aquarium care is a must.

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