Saltwater Aquarium Setup Common Mistakes

Saltwater Aquarium Setup At Home Mistakes


No matter what type of aquarium hobbyist you are, here are the most common mistakes you can commit when doing a saltwater aquarium setup at home. These mistakes can be prevented if you have enough working knowledge about it.

Over feeding

Unconsumed fish flakes and other food particles are accumulated at the bottom of the tank, producing nitrates thus overloading the water filter.

Without the full understanding and knowledge of the nutritional needs of your fish, there is the tendency to feed your fish to satisfy their needs. If they are not eating the food you have sprinkled, most people will add more food, with the notion that the fish are not noticing them. You should feed the fishes twice per day. However, there are fishes that need special feeding requirements, so it will be safe to check first. You should also know what are the components of the food you are giving your fish by contrasting the nutrients in the market foods.

Haste Moving

Patience, aside from being a “virtue,” is a requirement in saltwater aquarium setup. Too many people have committed the mistake of doing things fast and as a result, they have encountered certain problems.  It is better to study first the things you need to know about the saltwater aquarium setup you are planning and carefully strategize your tasks.
saltwater aquarium setupSaltwater Aquarium Setup Conflicts

Overloading the aquarium

A conflict that comes with moving in haste is stuffing too much fish and things into the aquarium all at the same time, particularly in an aquarium that is not yet totally cycled, or has just completed the biological cycle. Even in a properly set-up aquarium, placing too much “residents” can cause a problem called “new tank syndrome,” wherein the fish and other organisms are satiated with the new environment. You should do things slowly but surely. Home aquariums, particularly saltwater aquarium setup is not an urgent task, so take it easy pal.

Insufficient Filtration and Circulation System

Having enough water filtration is very important to successfully maintain an aquarium. There are different methods of filtration systems you can use, but not using the correct filter choice for the biological capacity designed for your aquarium can cause some problems. It is better to have more filtration system than being insufficient.

This same method applies to water circulation in the fish tank. Insufficient water flow all throughout the system can cause some problems with oxygenation that accumulates slime or other kinds of unnecessary things inside the aquarium. To solve this slimy problem, you can add a power head or a surge device.
Information About Saltwater Aquarium Setup

Buying Animals without Having Enough Information about Them

It never stops to amaze us how we select new residents for our aquarium without having enough information such as what they are, and how to take care and feed them. Before you start a saltwater aquarium setup or buy anything from the pet store, you should take some time to do research. You should not purchase on sudden impulse because you like the colorful fins of a tropical fish, how funny it looks, or for other reasons.

Animal incompatibility

Problems such as my lion fish ate my baby gold fish, my janitor fish won’t get along with the fighting fish, and similar situations are very frequent. Saltwater aquarium setup and buying animals without having enough information about their social behavior can lead to injury or worse, fatality.