Customer and Client Testimonials

“This is an amazing place to bring children and learn about the ocean and aquatic life. The store features a 6 tier coral touch tank where kids can handle starfish, shrimp, hermit crabs, and many other amazing sea creatures. Children also learn about ocean ecosystems and coral reefs. A favorite attraction is to observe real live Nemo’s within large anemones, Dory fish, puffer fish, cleaner shrimp, and a wide range of other amazing fish and invertebrates such as sea apples, sea cucumbers, sea sponges, reef mushrooms, sea urchins, sea weed and amazing corals of all kind”
Daniel, Customer

“Stepping into Crystal Clear Aquariums is a pleasure every visit. There is always some new livestock to view or equipment to discuss with their very knowledgeable staff. Their displays are the most well maintained I’ve found within this state and they cater not only to the salt crowd but freshwater as well. All the livestock from my home displays came from their store or a special order they’ve filled for me and it has been a pleasure working with them each time.”
Carl, Customer

“Its a great store with an extremely helpful staff. I highly recommend it and would encourage anyone thinking of putting together their own aquarium to go there first.”
Sars, Customer

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