This week’s Specials for Billings and Bozeman Stores

snowflake              rbta

This Saturday 4/6 and Sunday 4/7 only.

Last week’s sale was so popular we brought it back just for you!

We’re not clowning around!!!

$14.95 Orange Percula Clownfish or 2 for $24.95

$29.95 Black Percula clown fish or 2 for $49.95

$99.95 Premium Snowflake Clownfish – Aquacultured

25% off all corals

15% off all frozen food

$49.95 Rose anemones – What!?!?

$29.95 Large Neon Green Bubble Anemones

$.95 Red or Blue leg Hermit crabs

$.95 Margarita or Astrea Snails

$2.95 Peppermint Shrimp

All clownfish aquacultured from


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