Water Quality

Interesting thing happened at the store the other day.  We had three customers – on one day – with water quality issues in an area where we don’t normally see problems.  All three had high levels of nitrates and phosphates in their tanks.  Subsequent testing of one customer’s tapwater revealed that the source was the source, not the tank.

The very next day, this headline appears in the local paper: “Water Woes? Gallatin County Getting a Handle on Water Quality”. The article highlights several subdivisions with elevated levels of nitrates and other pollutants in the water, and mentions one set of sources as, “fertilizers, animal waste and even storm water runoff.”

Clean water is as important to your fish as clean air is to us.  We live in a place where the air is legendary for its crispness and cleanliness.  Don’t you owe it to your fish give them the same?

There are several sources of inexpensive water that you should use in your aquariums.  The water we recommend is water processed through Reverse Osmosis, also known as RO Water.  This is nearly pure, with regard to particles and contaminants.  It’s important to have small amounts (1-5ppm) of trace elements in your water; this helps maintain a stable pH, and is why we don’t suggest using distilled water.  Because of the way distilled water is made, it’s just too pure.  

RO water is available nearly everywhere.  Whether you get it from the grocery store, a water specialty store, or here at Crystal Clear Aquariums, the single best upgrade you can make to any tank is to get off city/well water and use RO water exclusively.

If you have larger tanks (55 gallons and up), you should consider installing a reverse osmosis system in your home.  It’s not just for fish – RO water is great tasting, and home drinking kits are available, along with very affordable RO processing units.

Don’t let the locals spoil your tank.  Take control of your water. If you need additional information, email us at info@ccaqua.com,  or call the store at 406-585-1151.

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