Weekend Sale and Fish Shipment – Come check em out!

New Arrivals: Hawaiian Inverts all On Sale (While Supplies Last)

Big Weekend Specials This Sat and Sun Only – TODAY!!!

Come get em: $5 Tiger Cowrie’s – Whatttt?

Black Brittle Star Fish: $9.95 (Great Detritus Eaters)

Black Nerite Snails $ .50 Cents Each

Sea Urchins: $ 14.95

Black and Tiger Sea Cucumbers (Great Sand Bed Cleaners) only $12.95 …..

Buy one get one Hawaiian Green Footed Snails – This weekend Only

Buy one get one free Zebra/Tricolor Hermits – This weekend Only

Coco Worms $30 each

Domino and Yellow Tail Damsels 3.95 each

Also another Fish and Invert Shipment in Today… Come check it out:

Plus tons of tank raised goodies from ORA: http://www.facebook.com/orafarm?ref=ts

Fish and Coral




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