Weekend Specials for 7/13 and 7/14 2013

Weekend Specials for 7/13 and 7/14 2013

Free Xenia or Zoanthid Frag with any purchase of $25 or more

10% off All saltwater fish
50% off All Acropora Coral
20% All Live Coral
$10 – Hydnophora Frags 1-2″ Neon green
1$ Live brine shrimp bags (while they last)

$5 – Short Spine urchins (Reef Safe)
$5 – Macro algae (8 types your choice)

$15 – L Skunk Cleaner shrimp
$25 – XXL Blood Fire shrimp
Buy one get one free – Frozen food packs – Your choice
.50 Cents a LB live Sand (Already Cycled and Cured w/ Creatures)

20% all Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates
25% off all Koi and Pond plants
Buy on Get one Free Turtles – Red Eared Sliders

25% off all saltwater aquarium setups (Tank, Stand, Filter, Light, Live Rock and Live Sand) – New or Used

Buy one get one free RODI -saltwater and RODI Freshwater

Free Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine with any purchase

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