Zero-Impact Reef

Zero-Impact Reefs are a new phenomenon that allows the aquarist to have all the beauty of a saltwater reef tank without damaging the ocean’s ecosystem.

What is a ZIR?

A Zero-Impact Reef aquarium includes no wild species, and therefore puts no pressure on natural reefs. An example of such an aquarium would most likely include tank raised fish and coral. Tank raised animals have long proven to be great alternatives as their health is often far better than a wild animal that has endured a lot stress during the many hours of shipping.

What Makes Tank Raised Different?

Tank raised animals are bred in captivity and live vastly different lives from their wild cousins. Since the are not taken from their natural habitat and shipped several different times, they are not as stressed. Tank raised animals are also more docile since the wild fight for territory doesn’t occur. Interactions with humans become expectant making their personalities shine more and make them less picky eaters.

Helping the Enviroment

Since no life is taken from the ocean, the world’s dwindling reefs are left to grow and spread as nature sees fit. Rare and exotic fish are being tank bred to allow their wild counterparts to make a comeback in nature. With less human interaction, the ecosystem is left to its own devices causing less stress and harm to the ocean as a whole.